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Page or section last updated Friday 07-05-2021 at 19.40 hrs.


07-05-2021 UK will allow citizens to take holidays abroad from 17 May have placed twelve countries and territories including Portugal, Israel and Gibraltar are on the first 'green list of destinations'. People returning from those places will NOT have to quarantine. Spain, France and Greece are Amber list countries - from which people will have to quarantine at home upon their return to UK and "people should not be travelling there yet either" said UK Government minister Grant Shapps.

07-05-2021 The state of alert terminates on Sunday 09-05-2021 (at 00.01 hrs) and central government policy is not to renew this and require the regional governments to undertake future measures. Andalucia president has announced that this will be in three phases. Stabalisation from 09-05-20121 to 31-05-2021. There will be no curfew from Saturday night* and no restrictions on meetings, wearing face- masks continues. The Andalucian and the eight provincial perimeters will open. Only larger villages (population over 5.000) with AI(14d) rates over 1.000 will have perimeter closed as a specific court order will be required.

The restrictions will be progressively reduced in a system with each municipality within four levels of Alert. Low with AI(14d) less than 50, Medium with AI(14d) less than 150. High with AI(14d) less than 250 cases and Extreme with AI(14d) greater than 250.

From Sunday Bars/cafés/restaurants will be able to open until midnight with up to 8 clients at interior tables and 10 on exterior tables. Pubs (bars with music licence) open to 02.00 with same table number restrictions Discos can open (except in level Extreme towns) and in level Low towns dancing is permitted in the exterior and with facemask.

In concerts, cinema, theatres and bullfights in level Low and Medium towns, empty seats must be kept between groups. In level High and Extreme towns, 1.5m separation must be maintained between groups.

On beaches and at swimming pools there are no general time restrictions. A minimum social distance of 1.5m must be maintained between groups. Town halls may issue special rules as summer 2020.

In celebrations a capacity is permitted of between 50 and 300 people inside and 75 to 500 people outside depending on the level of the town. As other areas, up to 8 people at interior tables and 10 on exterior tables.

*Tecnically there is a curfew from 23.00 to 24.00 on Saturday evening 08-05-2021 for one hour until midnight when the state of alarm finishes.

06-05-2021 Now that the provincial borders are open don't forget that some villages are still closed as their AI(14d) rates are above 500. Closed villages are mainly in Granada, Jaén and Seville provinces. Further villages in the chart above have rates greater than 1.000 AI(14d) so comercial activity is halted as well.

05-05-2021 Andalucia President, Juanma Moreno announced on Tuesday "We are going to approve a new plan to vaccinate 1 million a week. We just need the vaccine to arrive." (The current plan is 500k). The statement was mocked on social media for the obvious condition. However he must have known something. That evening Sanidad in Madrid published that record 593.260 doses were delivered; half Astra Zenica, half Pfizer and nearly double the previous weeks delivery. See Andalucia vaccine statistics below.

Salud also announced on Tuesday evening that "This week we will give appointments to 59 and 58 year olds to receive their first dose. Actually those born in 1963 and 1962.

27-04-2021 Update to Coronavirus measures announced by Juanmar Moreno, Andalucia President on television that from Thursday 29-04-2021 (00.01hrs). The Andalucia border remains closed, however people can travel between the 8 Andalucia provinces; Malaga, Seville, Granada, Cadiz, Huelva, Cordoba and Jéan. Almost everything else remains the same, the curfew is still 23.00 to 06.00. Business and bars bars close at 22.30 but restaurants can stay open to 23.00 in all areas as long as the clients are home by 23.00. Measures will continue until 09-05-2021 when the State of Alarm ends and new laws/regulations that are still to be determined will apply.

19-04-2021 Those who are not registered in the Andalucia Health Service, such as those resident with private health insurance, should register to be included in the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

If you are already registered with the Andalucia Health Service, you can (with a digital certificate) check your details online to ensure your phone number is up to date. 

19-04-2021 As you can see from the orange line on graph above of the number of cases (presented in a rolling 7 day format to smooth daily spikes and weekend reporting lag) is bouncing around as if there is a background level that cannot be reduced.

08-04-2021 A new National law came into force on 30-03-2021 requiring the wearing of facemasks for all those 6 yrs and over in all indoor and outdoor public places including streets and open spaces. Exceptions being medical reason, individual sport. The measures were already required in Andalucia. Following push-back from the regions this was modified to deem bathing in sea, lake, river or swimming pool as incompatable with masks. During a 'moment of rest' before and after bathing (or water sports) does not require masks as long as the person is stationary and maintains a minimum 1.5m distance from other persons not in their bubble.

31-03-2021 Spanish Government has lifted the special 'British Covid strain' restrictions on arrivals from the UK from 18.00 30-03-2021. Since 22-12-2020 only Spanish nationals and foreign residents had been permitted to enter Spain by air or sea. However while the restrictions were in force the UK Brexit transition period ended (31-12-2020) and UK now comes under Spain's worldwide Covid arrival regulations. Therefor only those who can demonstrate through documentary evidence an essential need to enter Spain will according to the regulations be admitted. 

29-03-2021 British government's new Covid regulations came into force. They include travel abroad to 'buy, rent, let out or sell a second home' as a justifiable reason to leave England.

Andalucia Statistics

Andalucia has administered 3.057.634 doses since the beginning of the campaign of which 968.841 are second or single  dose vaccinations.  593.260 doses were included in this weeks Monday delivery (03-05-2021). This is a massive increase on previous week's deliveries which were 324.090, 272.710, 260.860, 368.060, 176,250, 117.250, 157.960, 175.430, 178.620 163.300, 133.600 and January's average was 73.000. AstraZenica was for the first time a substantial 281.300 similar to Pfizer's 281.300 delivery. The current rate of administration has increased to about 50.000 (based on average over last week) per day.  At this daily rate, it will take 8 months to vaccinate (two doses) all Andalucia. Delivery was expected to substantially increase in second quarter and it had not until this first week in May. 

The number of cases (positive Coronavirus tests) in the last seven days was 6.660 and  those with symptoms numbered 908. In the last fourteen days positive test were 16.263 and those with symptoms numbered 4.437 giving a Andalucia AI(14d) rate of 192,1. Cases every day since March 2020 are shown on the graph. There been have been a total of 562.475 positive tests in Andalucia since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, this is about 6.5 % of the population.

The number of tests carried out in the last week was 114.589. The third wave testing peak was 255.313 on 28-01-2021, second wave peak was 158.000 then dropping to a low of 78.000 in early January). The number of tests proving positive is now 10% (It dropped from 20% in November to 8% at Christmas and rose again to 20% last January)  Data 2-04-2021

Confirmed cases that required hospital admission in Andalucia in the last seven days number 486. The total admissions for the pandemic is 45.525. Confirmed cases that required intensive care admission in Andalucia in last seven days was 32 the total for the pandemic is 4.927.

The number of Coronavirus patients currently in Andalucia hospitals is 1.398 (up from low of 1.059 on 28-03-2021 and down from peak of 4.962 on  31-01-2021) of which 349 are currently in intensive care. (up from low of 243 on 28-03-2021 and down from peak of 724 on 09-02-2021). The second wave peak was 3.478 (10-11-2020) of which 235 were in intensive care. The first wave peak was  2.709 (30-03-2020) of which 438 were in intensive care. Current data as reported by Ministerio de Sanidad on data up to 29-04-2021.

There have been 45 deaths in Andalucia in last seven days. The total for the pandemic is 9.817.

The number of cases diagnosed in the last 14 days per 100,000 populations in Spain is now  229 (the recent low was 128 on 16-03-2021, the third wave peak was 890 on 29-01-2021, the second wave peak was 595). In Andalucia the rate is also now 229 (the recent low was 128 on 24-03-2021, third wave peak which was 959 on 01-02-2021, the second wave peak was 580 and between them a low of 135 on Christmas day).  

Andalucia data above was published on 07-05-2021. Spain data on 04-05-2021.


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